First Tempo Batak

Batak Tempo Dulu
Over time, certain things will change. Starting from the influence of the environment through technology. What I see now is the vagabond who has been adjust to the environment because as time passes. However, if you ever wondered what kind of person vagabond past?

Maybe opung we still see how people in the first hobo. However, like me, the vagabond who could say was young, had never seen how people hobo past.

I found some photos that illustrate the hobo tempo first. Maybe from some of the image, we can see how they were in the first.

Rapat parbaringin (para tetua adat) untuk menentukan hari baik bagi perayaan "Mangan Horbo Bius", Samosir.
Meeting parbaringin (indigenous elders) to determine a good day for celebration "Manganese Horbo Stunning", Samosir.
Rapat Parbaringin di Onan Limbong, Samosir
Meeting Parbaringin at Onan Limbong, Samosir
Manortor, Simanindo-1971
Manortor, Simanindo-1971
Si Ucok, Simanindo 1970.
Si Ucok, Simanindo 1970.
Stempel Sisingamangaraja Tulisan Jawi (Arab gundul) yg dpt diterjemahkan setengah, berbunyi:" Inilah cap maharaja di negeri Toba kampung Bakara nama kotanya hijrat nabi 1304 "– This is the seal of the Great Lord (maharaja) in the negeri of Toba whose residence is in Bakara. 1304 H. (Muller).Stamp paper Sisingamangaraja Jawi (Arabic bald) translatable half, reads: "This is the cap on domestic overlord Bakara village Toba city name hijrat prophet 1304" - This is the seal of the Great Lord (emperor) in the land of the Toba whose residence is in Bakara. 1304 H. (Muller).

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