Samosir-Toba Batak clan is a clan on Ethnic Toba Batak from North Sumatra region, mainly resided in District Tobasa whose territory covers Balige, Porsea, Laguboti, and surrounding areas. Batak people always have the name of the clan / family. Name / clan is derived from the paternal line (patrilinear) which will then be forwarded to their offspring continuously.

According to the Batak peoples beliefs, the parent clan started from Si Raja Batak Batak are believed to be the origin of the Batak. Si Raja Batak have 2 (two) sons namely Master Tatea Moon and Si King Isumbaon. Teacher Tatea Moon itself has 5 (five) sons namely Raja Uti (King Biakbiak), Saribu King, Limbong Mulana, Sagala Malau King and King. While The King Isumbaon has 3 (three) sons namely Mr. Sorimangaraja, Si King Asiasi and Cage Somalidang.
From the offspring (pinompar) these are then spread to all parts of the countryside in good Tapanuli north and south so that munculah various Batak clan. All these clans can be seen the position of Si Raja Batak in Tarombo Online.
The legend of how Si Raja Batak may be cited as the origin of the Batak still needs to be studied more deeply.
Actually North Tapanuli District, Humbang Hasundutan, Tobasa, and now it is not all Toba.Sejak Samosir the Batak kingdom until the division of territory inhabited Batak tribes in several districts by Huria Kristen Batak Protestant (HKBP), Tanah Batak are divided into 4 (four) parts large, namely:
Samosir (Samosir Island and the surrounding area); example: clan Simbolon, Sagala, etc. - Toba (Balige, Laguboti, Porsea, Parsoburan, Sigumpar, and surrounding areas); example: clan Sitorus, Marpaung, etc. - Humbang (Dolores Sanggul, Lintongnihuta, Siborongborong , and surrounding areas); example: clan Simatupang Siburian, Sihombing Lumban Toruan, etc. - Silindung (Sipoholon, Tarutung, Pahae, and surrounding areas); example: clan Naipospos (Sibagariang, Hutauruk, Simanungkalit, Situmeang, Marbun), West Huta, etc..
Antarmarga relationship in each different in kind Batak tribe. In the Batak Tribe (-Toba Samosir-Humbang-Silindung) the relationship of this genus can be seen from the origin of these genera in the lineage of Raja Batak. The closer to the King of Batak, the more dituakanlah clan.
One thing is for sure, 2 person surnamed similar (not necessarily equal) in customary law are not allowed to marry. Violation of this law will get a custom dubious.
There is no specific classification of the types of these genera, but the clans are often associated with rumpunnya as Batak language. For example Simatupang is a mix of clan Togatorop son, Sian, and Siburian Humbang in the region. Naipospos is a fusion of the fifth son in a sequence, namely clan Sibagariang, Huta Uruk, Simanungkalit, Situmeang, and Marbun Silindung which is in the region, and so on.

Genealogy or tarombo a vagabond ways people save their clan genealogies each and represents something that is very important to the Batak. For those who do not know lineage will be considered as "Batak people astray" (nalilu). Batak people especially men are required to know the genealogy of his ancestors at least reduce his clan and friends semarganya (dongan tubu). This is needed to find out where the kekerabatannya (partuturanna) in a clan or clan.
Some examples of articles that discuss tarombo of Batak clans namely:
* Silaban
* King Naipospos, who has five sons and reduce clan Sibagariang,
Hutauruk, Simanungkalit, Situmeang, Marbun Lumban Stone, Marbun Banjar Nahor,
Marbun Lumban Gaol
* Si Opat Pusoran, which lowers the clan Hutabarat, Panggabean, Simorangkir,
Hutagalung, Hutapea, Lumban Tobing
Form a clan is a collection of individuals who have a father and could some women, because adopted parternalistik Batak tribe. Long live.