Batak Clan's Oldest World

As a generation of Batak, do you know what the oldest clan (classical) in the world?

From the evidence - the evidence of history / genealogy Batak clan I gathered it can be summarized as follows:

1. Ancestral Batak people (KING BATAK) sekli first settled in at KKI Mount Pusuk
Buhit the village SIANJUR At first, located about 8 km towards west from
PANGGURURAN (now) in the estimate since the Year 1260.

2. Heredity / first generation ANCESTORS BATAK named: (no clan) of approximately
YEAR 1300
c. Toga SEA

3. Heredity / second generation (grandchildren) ANCESTORS BATAK the clan are:
a. Marga Limbong (Limbong mulana)
b. Marga Sagala (Sagala king)
c. Marga Malau (glare king)

The three genera in the estimate were born around the year 1335,
Uniquely since that time until now, all descendants of the three genera are still maintaining their kemargaan hereditary from generation to generation. So if the count closely since 1335 to 2008 the age of the clan was about 773 years ...

773 YEARS ..
An invaluable appreciation of cultural products as a heritage Batak
then through the article inisaya say: CONGRATULATIONS! My brother made ​​the surname Limbong, Sagala, and Malau ...

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