Lake above lake in Samosir Islands

   The lake is located in District Sidihoni Pangururan, Samosir Island. If Samosir Island is said to be "island on the Island", Lake Sidihoni in Samosir Island can be regarded as "the lake on the lake" (above Lake Toba). Lake water is frequently changed color, and by local residents of this color change associated with events that occurred in Indonesia.

Lake Sidihoni in District Pangururan, Samosir Island,  North Sumatra.

Lake Sidihoni within 8 miles of Pangururan is quite wonderful. Scenery around the lake could be reflected by the lake water. Surrounded by rolling green hills and rows of young pine trees, further adds to the beauty. Unfortunately, this clear water lake has not been well managed.

Most residents around the lake are still utilizing the water for the facility "bath wash toilet" (MCK). The limited transportation infrastructure also makes these places rarely visited by tourists.

Lake Sidihoni not the only lake on the island of Samosir, there is a smaller lake more than Lake Sidihoni on this island named Lake Aek Natonang.