Origin of Lake Toba

Origin of Lake Toba according to legend..In North Sumatra, there is a very large lake and in the middle of the lake there is an island. The lake was named Lake Toba, while in the middle of the island called Samosir Island. It is said the lake is derived from the curse of the gods.
In a village in Sumatra, there lived a farmer. He was a farmer who diligently worked the farm, although not widespread. He can meet the needs of his work was tireless. Actually he was already enough to get married, but he still chose to live alone. On a sunny morning, the farmer was fishing in the rivers. "Hopefully today I got a big fish," the farmer murmured to himself. Moments after the hook is thrown, fishhook seen wobbling. He immediately pulled hook. The farmer was cheered with joy after getting a big enough fish.
He was amazed at the beautiful colors of fish scales. Yellow fish scales reddish gold. Both round and protruding eyes flashing amazing. "Wait, I do not eat! I would be willing to accompany you if you do not eat me. "Farmers are surprised to hear the voice of the fish. Since the shock, the fish they catch fell to the ground. Then not long, the fish was transformed into a beautiful girl. "Bermimpikah me?," Muttered the farmer.
"Do not worry sir, I'm also a human like you. I am deeply indebted to you for having saved me from the curse of the Gods, "she said. "My name is Princess, I do not mind to be your wife," said the girl seemed urgent. Farmers and even then nodded. They then become as husband and wife. However, there is one promise that has been agreed, that they should not be told that the origin of the daughter of a fish. If the promise is broken there will be a tremendous disaster.
Having arrived in his village, the villagers became excited to see beautiful girls with farmers. "He may be an angel who fell from the sky," they murmured. Farmers feel very happy and peaceful. As a good husband, he continued to work to earn a living by cultivating the fields and fields with a diligent and tenacious. Due diligence and tenacity, the farmer's life without shortcomings in his life. Many people envy, suspicion, and they spread the bad that can drop the business success of farmers. "I know the farmer must maintain a delicate creature! "Someone said to her friend. It reached the ears of farmers and the Princess. But they do not feel offended, even more diligent work.
A year later, the farmer and his wife happiness increases, because the farmer's wife gave birth to a baby boy. He was given the name of the Son. Their happiness does not make them forget themselves. Son grow into a child's healthy and strong. He became a good girl but a bit naughty. He has a habit of making surprise her parents, always to feel hungry. Meals should be eaten three of them can be eaten alone.
Eventually, the Son is always upset her father. If told to help parents work, he always refused. The farmer's wife always reminds farmers to be patient with their child behavior. "Yes, I will be patient, however he was our son!" Said Farmer to his wife. "Thankfully, Kanda thought that way. Kanda was a husband and good father, "said daughter to her husband.
Indeed, people say, that patience has limits. This is experienced by the farmer. One day, Son got a job delivering food and drinks into the fields where his father was working. But the Son does not fulfill its duties. Farmers wait for the arrival of his son, holding his thirst and hunger. He went straight home. In saw her son was playing ball. Farmers became angry as she pinched her ear. "Children do not know diuntung! Do not know myself! Basic fry!, "Spat the Farmer had unwittingly uttered the taboo.
Once the farmers say the words, immediately lost his wife and children vanished. Without a trace and trail. From the former stamping his feet, suddenly menyemburlah water very swift and the rapids. Village Farmer and the surrounding villages submerged. The water overflow is very high and wide so as to form a lake. And eventually form a lake. The lake was eventually known as the Lake Toba. While small island in the middle known as the island of Samosir. 

Source: www.e-smartschool.com