Tour of Lake Toba, Wonders of the World in Front of Eyes

Wonders of the world that is in front of the eye, Lake Toba.!, complete your visit to Lake Toba Lumban Silintong Balige Toba Samosir regency, companion of the world's highest. This report from Elizabeth Simanjuntak directly from Lumban Silintong Balige.

To be free to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba, I accidentally came the day Saturday in the morning to Lumban Silintong, before Wita café, café Bethesda, and the other cafes along the shores of Lake Toba Silintong Lumban beach which is always filled with visitors.
In summer, beach attractions Lumban Silintong who visited many families every Saturday and Sunday crowds extraordinary. Understand it, summer in Toba Samosir particularly earth Balige fairly long, about 9 months. The rest of the winter rainy season which "froze".

From the cafes along the beach Lumban Silintong, seems to harbor Balige, Samosir Island and the mountain chain lined chimney visible even Toba Pulp Lestari in Porsea, but all of which can be seen with one sweep of the eye.
From a distance looked passenger ships to the island of Samosir, there are many options to enjoy the Lake Toba to easily and inexpensively, one of them, visit one of the cafes along the beach café-Lumban Silintong, sit back while ordering a glass of juice with the naked eye just seeing issue "koce "tens ribuhan coins, we can observe the awesomeness of Lake Toba that unfolds with such a broad, too exciting to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba, the memories are not forgotten.

It appears a number of chairs as a place for visitors in the cafe Wita, Silintong Lumban beach, Lake Toba, Balige District Toba Samosir, North Sumatra.Oh………Danau Toba istimewa do ho di ahu...

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